Please note, that if your plane lands after 4pm in Belize City, it is not safe to drive all the way to Hopkins. Plan to take a puddle jumper or stay the night a long the way. It is not safe to travel at night, because our highways do not have lights, reflectors, or marked lines on most portions. People also walk and ride their bikes on the highway, typically in dark clothing with no reflectors. We would hate for your first night to be a frazzled one by trying to make the drive to Hopkins in the dark. What happens when it gets too late or a delay? Try Black Orchid is just outside the City and has a shuttle service or even the Zoo has accomodations. We recommend both. 

There are many options to get to Hopkins. It depends on your time and budget. The quickest and most efficient is air-and the most expensive. See below to see what is best for you.

Air: From Belize City International Airport, the quickest and most efficient route is to travel 15 minutes via air to Dangriga airport. There are two airlines

·         Tropic Air 

·         Maya Island Air

Hopkins is just 20 minutes south of Dangriga. Cost of a one-way ticket is a little over $100US/$200BZ.

From Dangriga, a taxi is about $55US/$110BZ one-way. Be sure to confirm fare before getting in though. Prices fluctuate with the price of gasoline, so be sure to confirm. 

Shuttle Service: We’re getting more and more shuttle services and the prices range widely and are changing rather quickly and becoming more competitive. We’ve seen prices from $65US to $250US. Some services we recommend are:

           Angel Lopez- To Live Belize or  About $150US 

·         William Hofman – Belize Shuttle Service

·         Belize Shuttle  Prices are 180US per person. Additional person is 50US

·         Roam Belize    Prices for 1-4 people $200US ($25US for each additional person) from International Airport to Hopkins.

·         Belize Discounted Shuttle Prices range from $55-$65 per person. Contact directly for group rates. 

·         Barefoot Services Belize Prices range from $229 per person to $59 per person with six people. 

·         Breathe Belize Shuttles Prices range from $75US per person (2) to $55 per person with four people. 

Bus: From the Belize City Bus Terminal it is about a 3-hour ride to Hopkins.  There is no bus terminal in the airport, so you will need to take a cab for $5US/$10BZ to the bus terminal. From there, take the bus to Dangriga. 

From Dangriga, get on a bus that heads south (to Placencia or Punta Gorda) and get off at the Hopkins Junction-about a 20-minute ride. There are usually several people also getting off, but make sure the bus driver does not forget! (If you want to take bus from Dangriga but fly in, you will need to take a short cab to the bus terminal.)  

Hopkins is located 4 miles off the Southern Highway on the coast. The Hopkins Junction is known to bus and taxi drivers. Hitch hiking into the village is very popular too. A taxi ride from the junction runs about $10US/$20BZ per person and is a quick trip. (Some tend to believe that four mile stretch is still the old farm road that took 45 minutes to travel, but that is not the case. In 2016, the road coming into Hpkins was paved, making it a quick trip. By the way, the road in the village was paved in 2018.

Hopkins Inn is located in the heart of the village, across from the basketball courts on the beach.  (Most of the drivers are familiar with our place.) When you come into the village, at the stop sign, go south (or right) for about a half a mile. We are two lanes south of the Catholic Church. There is a sign at the road side, where you will turn into our lane (east) toward the beach. We are across from the basketball courts, on the beach. If you get to the Hopkins Pharmacy, you have gone one block too far. (Hopkins does not have street names or addresses.)

There also are two buses per day going from Dangriga directly to Hopkins – at around 11:00am and 5:00pm

Do remember that schedules and fares are subject to change. This is to give you a general idea, but please inquire for the exact details. For more information about traveling by bus in Belize, visit for the companies' websites for schedules.

   This is the "new express, luxury" bus and it is a little more expensive at $9US/$18BZ and has Wifi and a bathroom. 




Also, be sure to clarify if in Belize dollars or US dollars. We’re in Belize, so people quote prices in Belize dollars. However, taxi drivers have many foreign passengers and tend to quote in US prices–but they say “US” with the price.

Rental Car:  

Motor Solutions, in Belmopan, has the newest vehicles and they will pick you up at the airport. However, they rent only standard vehicles. http://www.MotorSolutions.BZ

AQ Belize Car Rental:  

Crystal Auto Rental: 

Also, if you want to fly into Dangriga, you can rent cars from:-

Roam Belize:|| 501-670-7870

Barefoot Services: | | 501-523-3066. 

Getting around the village: Walking is the main mode of getting around in the village as it is only two miles long, with Hopkins Inn located in the middle of it. Also convenient is riding a bike-and much cooler. There are bike rentals in the village:

I Love Hopkins Village located at Kat's Coffee, just a few blocks from the inn, opened in 2022 and has new bikes. Rates are $10US/$20BZ a day. They have weekly pricing as well. or 501 628-5778

    Mark’s Bike Rental:  $9US/$18BZ a day. Mark is located across from the ATM at the main intersection, when coming into the village. 501-602-4772