Hopkins is conveniently located to the barrier reef, the longest in the Western Hemisphere, and Victoria Peak, the second tallest point in the country. There is an endless list of activities! Below are some of the attractions most convenient to Hopkins.

Belize is home to some of the best water activities in the world with the beautiful sea, Great Barrier Reef, and many cayes (pronounced keys) to explore the tropical fish. Local guides offer a variety of tours, including snorkeling, diving for full or half- day trips. Belize is also known to be one of the best places to achieve the fishing “Grand Slam”—permit, bone fish, and tarpon and many people enjoy trying to conquer that prize while they are here.

Some hotels, taxis, and even restaurants recommend particular tour guides, companies, and places because they benefit financially. Not us! We refuse to accept commissions from anyone. Instead, we choose to give you recommendations with the sole goal of you having an amazing experience and a great story to return home with.

We do get asked why we don’t do tours, rent bikes, and provide transportation. It’s not because we don’t want to give our guests the best services but because we want tourists—our guests—to pump money into the Hopkins economy. If we get into the bike rental service, we have taken money away from our friend, George, who rents bikes for a living. In the same way, we want the taxi drivers, tour guides, and shop owners to benefit from tourism and not be resentful of it. It’s why we are not an all-inclusive. We believe in purposeful prosperity and think the best experiences for tourists are to go out in the village and eat the local food, buy art directly from the artisans, and experience something different than where they came from.

This list changes frequently as new guides or experiences with guests’ changes.  We’ve been out with these fellas and have enjoyed snorkeling, line fishing, fly-fishing, hiking, kayaking, and more.


Noawell Nunez–Noawel's Fishing & Snorkeling Tours- noaweltour@gmail.com or 501-664-1197 or 510-662-3017 

Luckie Nunez -Happy Go Luckie Tours http://www.hgltours.com/  or 501-635-0967

Belize UnderWater: https://www.belizeunderwater.com/book-now  Info@BelizeUnderwater.com  or 501 670-6668

*Please note that Elmar "Boo" Avila died in November 2021. At this time, the shop is closed and the family is working on re-opening SeeMoreAdventures.     

Fly Fishing:

Floyd Arana-501-651-5298 Floyd is located just four doors down from Hopkins Inn (one lane north, on the corner.)

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Reserve

Known internationally as the world’s first jaguar reserve, it is home to almost 50 jaguars, in addition to an abundance of wildlife, flora, and fauna. There are many hiking trails or a less intensive day could be spent floating the river. For the serious hikers, Victoria Peak is the second highest point in Belize and offers a challenging climb. Visitors purchase tickets at the Maya Welcome Center at the park entrance and may either take a self-guided tour or hire a guide. A guide is required to hike Victoria Peak though.

Mayflower Bocawina National Park is home to over 7,000 acres filled with small Maya ceremonial sites, amazing waterfalls, and many hiking trails. Our favorite is Antelope Falls.  Bocawina Adventures http://www.Bocawina.com offers the longest zip-line in the country.

Gregorio Chun guides tours, birding, etc. through Cockscomb and Mayflower-501-636-4750 or www.MayaCenter.com 

Francis Cuculhttp://www.MayaGuide.BZ or 501-615-3117 or 501-615-2173- cave kayaking, cave tubing, or jungle survival. The inland Blue Hole, Crystal Cave, or Indian Creek

Birding Tours:

Charleton Castillo- Hopkins Kulcha Tours: https://hopkinskulchatours.weebly.com/ or 501-665-8368 or 501-661-8199

Ashford "Golden" Miranda- DGolden Tours: https://www.dgoldentours.com/ or 501-662-4618


Stand Up Paddle Board Tours:

Martin Spragg- Hopkins Stand Up Paddle Boarding: https://www.suphopkins.com/ or 650-9040

The Right Touch Caribbean Massage. The Spa Comes to You! Desiree Rodriguez and her team can give you a massage, manicure, or pedicure right on the beach, your veranda, or in your cabana. des_p29@yahoo.com or 501-631-6078

Kayaking the sea, Hopkins’ freshwater lagoon, or Sittee River, offer a great way to experience the area wildlife. Palmetto Grove rents kayaks palmentogrove@gmai.com or 501-678-6039 and they have an office a few blocks from the inn. We also have a tandem kayak at the Inn guests may use. Take a stroll on the Hopkins road for bird watching. Overlooking the savanna, many of us have spotted birds such as spoonbills, parrots, and even jabiru storks.

Bike Rentals:

George Bike Rentals: 501-623-5027 George delivers the bike to the inn and picks it up!

Mark’s Bike Rental:  501-602-4772 Mark is located across from the ATM at the main intersection, when coming into the village.